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Good Earth State Park

Good Earth State Park at Blood Run has been changing for thousands of years. Starting with the ice age that shaped the land followed by the Oneota settlement in the 1500’s.

Later in the 1800’s European settlers started arriving and farming the land. In the early 1900’s archeologists began discovering the Oneota settlement. Most recently a National Historic Landmark, and to finally becoming a South Dakota state park in 2013.
Good Earth State Park at Blood Run is used to adapting to the changes of the time. The grand opening for Good Earth State Park was May 19, 2017. Governor, Dennis Dugaard spoke, as well as tribal representatives, donors and department staff. The celebration revealed the state of the art, 11,000 square foot visitor center. The center features an exhibit hall complete with the park’s famous history. There are world class displays from Split Rock Studios, complete with hands-on aspects, 3D dogs and travois, and even an eleven foot Native American lodge that visitors can enter and experience. Beautiful hand painted murals line the walls with vibrant colors of South Dakota landscape and the daily life scenes of the Native Americans who once lived here.

Across the hall from the exhibit is a 40 person theater, which will showcase the 20 minute film created just for Good Earth State Park at Blood Run. The film depicts a grandfather sharing his story of Good Earth. With state of the art nature animation and mesmerizing South Dakota scenes, the film is awe-inspiring. Outside the visitor center, the historic and nature exhibits continue. Around the building there are informational displays leading you back in time. Out on the six and a half miles of trails, there are eight additional signs informing about the landscapes and environment of the park.

“Good Earth State Park is a cultural and historical landmark. It is dotted with artifacts and lands of archaeological importance; the landmark is the largest and most significant repository of
Oneota culture and history in the world. The new visitor center enhances the educational experience to those who journey back in time understanding the significance of this great place.
Visitors will also forget they are only minutes from downtown Sioux Falls.”

Kelly Hepler, former GFP Department Secretary.

The South Dakota Parks and Wildlife Foundation raised over $8 million from private donors and grants to assist with the land acquisition and construction development of the Good Earth State Park and Visitor Center.

By the Numbers

Visitor Center

11,000 Sq Ft

Trails Distance

6.5 Miles

Private Donors and Grants

8 Mil

Project Gallery

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